Accidentally Falling In Lust


Heidi Van Horny enters the Fake Hostel and asks the Landlord for a room…or who she thinks is the Landlord, anyway. When the real Landlord discovers the impostor, a tussle between them leads to a bitter ordeal. In the following chaos, Heidi and the real Landlord find themselves in the bathroom together with adrenaline running high. In the throes of passion, the couple kiss, and then the Landlord sucks Heidi’s huge tits! Heidi gives the Landlord a sloppy deepthroat blowjob, then lets him do whatever he wants with all of her holes! After a rimjob that drives the Landlord wild, Heidi gets on her knees so he can cover her with a facial.

Studio: Fake Hub
Sub Studio: Fake Hostel