African Model Leaves Agent Speechless


Lateness… I fucking hate it, and this next bird was proper late. Normally I’d give the girl a good grilling when they finally turn up, though when I opened the door I was speechless. Kichomi was fucking stunning. I just couldn’t allow myself to be rude incase she fucked off. So I proceeded to wine and dine her, I was as smooth as silk… Offered her the world… Well a pot full of cash so I could things jammed in her arse. It didn’t take too long before she stripped off revealing a flawless beautiful body, toned legs, great tits along with a solid, round, peachy arse. It was a sight of rare beauty, an arse you’d flog your own mum for to get a taste of. After a bit of masturbation I inserted one of my fingers into this perfect derriere and God was it tight, nearly broke my finger getting it in there. Next, cock sucking… this girl has got skill, real skill, she swallowed my cock right to the hilt, no messing, no gagging either. Like I said a skilled cock swallower. All this build up had really turned me on, too much you might say. When I began fucking her hot wet hole all I wanted to do was fill up her pussy with my man milk. It took all my concentration not to blow my wad at any given second. Though when she got on top I couldn’t hold it any longer and pulled out, spraying her shaven haven with loads of cum. I was well and truly fucked… Spent… Time for a pint. Enjoy.

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