Agent Convinces Blonde Babe To Come Back For Another Wild Fuck


Now I’d seen Lexi before, gave a great interview, so I contacted her telling her that I’d lost the original footage and told her I could get her work straight away. Well, she came back in for a second interview, told me she thought it was a scam. I assured her it wasn’t. But, as you know… It is. Not much bullshit required, just strip down and get on with it. But, with time gone past, this was a new and improved Lexi. Fuck me, she must really want some work, she was willing to do just about anything. Well nearly anything. She was fingering her own arsehole, deep throating, rimming… Like I said, a right little filth monster. And when it came to fucking… Oh my lord. Wow, she was begging me to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. This was blowing my mind and nearly blowing something else too. Fuck me, this shag was amazing. After some hard fucking I got her on her knees and finished me off with a good old wank and blowjob, accumulating with me blasting what appeared to be a sea of hot spunk all over her face. Lexi, I was impressed, really impressed. The new and improved version was incredible. Best sex I’ve had for months. Wow. Enjoy.

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Lexi L

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