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Are You Man Enough?: Scene 3


Are You Man Enough?
When Sophia Lux mentions getting a romantic couples’ package, Alex Legend immediately turns her down. Massages are too girly for him! Although he’s hesitant, when Sophia strokes his ego a little more, he gives in. However, to win this bet, Sophia’s willing to stroke more than just his ego. Zac Wild and Scarlett Bloom are cuddling on a couch and doting on each other while Kasey Miller, Scarlett’s sister, rolls her eyes in the background. The couple are always SO lovey-dovey with each other and it annoys her. Especially since she’s attracted to Zac. After walking into the shower, Maya Kendrick lathers up Lucas Frost’s whole body but eventually notices that he’s hard as a rock. Embarrassed, Lucas apologizes. She tells him that there’s nothing to apologize for, it’s actually…nice. Soon, her formerly standoffish attitude has vanished and she gets on her knees to make sure that every inch of Lucas is clean.

Studio: Fantasy Massage