Breast Implants Cocksultation


Today I had a lady that would like breast implants, as she wanted to lose weight, but didn’t want to lose her bra size. This is very common for woman, as there weight does make a difference, to their over all cup size. I had Tracy from reception come in and give me a hand, as I could tell the lady was nervous about the subject. Tracy was very helpful, in explaining the pros and cons of such an operation, maybe to helpful, as when I left the room and came back, I found them both, half naked and oozing with lust and passion. This was of course in my favor, as she was now already seduced and welcome to my charms. I kissed her very softly, and gently run my hands over her body. Then lowered her down to the mission control, so she could start sucking my throbbing cock. I could tell this was not the first time, she had something in her mouth, and could not wait to see if she had any other, tricks up her sleeve.

Studio: Fake Hub
Sub Studio: Fake Hospital