Curvy Latina Aliana Love And Thick Ebony Babe Stacy Adams Get Freaky


Aliana Love and Stacy Adams are having some girl talk. Stacy tells Aliana she’s got a new crush… on a girl! Stacy is pretty nervous about it, she’s never been with a woman before and doesn’t know how to approach her. Aliana on the other hand has had PLENTY of experience with women and since Stacy is her best friend she decides she can show her the ropes. They start out slow, Aliana shows Stacy how to kiss and carress. But it’s not long before things get really hot and heavy and Stacy learns all of the advanced moves. She can’t wait to put her lessons to good use!

Pornstars: Aliana Love, Stacy Adams
Studio: Metro
Sub Studio: Girl Grind

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