Eroge! Kaihatsu Zanmai 2


After erogame artist, Kisara, fucks consultant Tomoya, then tells him their sex was strictly business, he decides he’s free to help scriptwriter, Momoka, make her scenarios more erotic when she corners him with her big tits in his face and rides him cowgirl. And when graphic artist, Yuri, asks him to pee on her at the beach because of their recent nastier scenes, he does. But when Kisara invites Tomoya over to her place, he still wants her just as much as ever! After he fucks her doggystyle and covers her with jizz, the beautiful and kinky tsundere finally admits she wants to date him. Everything is falling into place for Tomoya and the game is finally finished…but he’s going to be surprised at how the babes at Flower Games like to celebrate!

Studio: Hentai Pros