Sexy Asian Babe Lana Croft Gets Dominated By Max Mikita


Max Mikita goes wherever she wants, whenever she wants. She bursts right past the front desk of a nightclub in her most masculine gear to use the men’s room and the poor front desk attendant, lesbian cutie Lana Croft, has to chase her down, this place has a cover charge after all. Lana is stunned to see that what she thought was a man is actually a gorgeous woman. She’s instantly turned on and discovers what she thought was a cock is a nice fat strap-on and she can’t help but put it in her mouth. Max is so strong and domineering it drives Lana crazy and she takes whatever Max wants to give her, how could you resist?

Pornstars: Lana Croft, Max Mikita
Studio: Metro
Sub Studio: Girl Grind

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