Short Haired Brunette Swallows Up A Big Dick


Maria (38 mins) I could tell straight away that Maria wanted to be in the fashion industry becaseu she had the model look with the short haircut and trendy clothes… Maria didn’t speak any English which was proving to be quite difficult, I had to use my resources and get one of my angels to translte the interview over the phone.. A little bit unorthordox but hey a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do… She wanted to do shoot for magazines and stuff… her passion was being the model in photographs… She didn’t have a job which was ideal she was hoping to find work with me and I told her that if she did what I say she could go far…. I told her about the adult industry and that she could earn lots of money and get famous with her body, she was willing to try… I asked her to take her clothes off and started taking photos of her and, fair play, she knew what she was doing… She was doing all the sexy poses for the camera. I told her to lean back on the sofa and start playing with herself…. I then swooped over and started rubbing her up… Soon enough she was gobbling my cock and stroking my balls. It didn’t take long before I was bending my salami into her and she was moaning with delight, I finished off my juicing all over her tight young stomach… Oh glorious day!

Pornstars: James*, Koko De Mal
Studio: Fake Hub
Sub Studio: Fake Agent